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24/7 Service – we are private air charter specialists, operating from Jandakot airport in Perth.

If you need to fly anywhere for business or leisure, move urgent freight, explore new frontiers or meet FIFO deadlines, trust us to provide the quickest and most efficient 24-hour air charter solutions.

We understand that time is money and convenience is critical.

Our fleet of fast, fuel-efficient propjets and piston aircraft are meticulously maintained to the highest safety and performance standards and piloted by experienced professionals to get you to your destination on time and within budget.

We are located at 17 Mustang Road Jandakot WA 6164

Mining and Resources

AEROhire is strongly positioned to meet the challenging transport logistics of mining and resources operations throughout Australia.

Our planes have the speed and range to reach remote locations and can comfortably handle different types of landing strips, including gravel and grass.

We know that flexibility, punctuality, productivity and convenience are priorities.

From hot-shot cargo deliveries and FIFO deadlines to business travel and exploration, we can structure a charter solution that works for you.

The size of our fleet and their flexible configuration means we can quickly adapt to your changing needs and have back-up aircraft when required.

Our dedicated flight lounge at Perth’s Jandakot airport is well-equipped for all business needs, including a private facility for drug and alcohol testing.